Award winning digital agency

Squatting Monkeys  is a media technology company with three divisions : video production, gaming and tech. We are a leader in 2K/4K/8K acquisition format and are certified Unity and Unreal developers.

Video Production

We are a digital production agency that empowers our clients to see their vision come to life. We are a full service digital media team focused on producing creative & inspiring films. we develop, conceptualize, write, shoot, direct & edit a wide range of documentaries, films & shorts for television, mobile and web applications.

Premium Editing


Whether 4K, 8K, stereoscopic or mixed format, our artists provide real-time colour correction, restoration, in-suite visual effects, tilting and change list editorial. Our artists consult with each client to customize workflow options, enabling us to work within all budgets and achieve artistic goals.

Game Development

We make some of the world's best games for mobile, desktop gaming & home consoles. Our mission is to make the highest quality and the most successful games in the world. We are certified Unreal and Unity game developers and are currently working on three AA game games.

Realtime Animation

With our realtime experts, we bring stunning virtual characters to life for stage, film, broadcast, games & vr. We have expertise in shooting, editing and rendering final quality cinematic for games, broadcast or film in realtime, rather than the weeks or months it takes with traditional methods.

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